The Internal Marketing Platform for the Modern Manager

Easily send internal email newsletters and track results.

When it's important, don't let your message get lost forever in ephemeral channels like a video meeting or synchronous work chat.

Send your team a Recess email that can live beyond the current moment. Then analyze open and click rates just like you'd expect.

Our internal marketing platform also includes content curation tools, surveys, announcements, eNPS, and more. Watch a quick demo ▶

The Internal Marketing Platform
for the Modern Manager

Help everyone on your team feel heard and in the loop.

Employees are more confused than ever, but makes internal communication easy.

Embrace internal marketing with employee feedback & engagement tools, internal newsletters and one-click team onboarding.

Team Communication is Broken
(So We Fixed It)

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"This could have been an email."

Slack is great, but messages disappear in seconds. All-hands meetings were never perfect, and now they’re impossible. And PDF newsletters? Come on…this is 2020. Remote teams need a better way to communicate what matters, and that’s why we created Recess. Here’s how it works:
Company Updates and Newsletters Your Team Will Actually Read

Unlike Slack messages that disappear in seconds and company-wide emails that never get opened, Recess makes it easy to send professionally-formatted newsletters and updates that don’t get lost in the day-to-day “noise.”

Measure Employee Engagement, Workload, & eNPS

See who is opening, clicking, and engaging with your communications, and discover which of your team members are “all in” and which ones are just “skating by.”

Receive Feedback and Make Managing People Way Easier

Automated surveys and weekly “check-ins” make it easy for managers to know how their team members are feeling and where they could use some extra help, making 1-on-1s more productive and engaging than ever!

Pam Prior
Pam Prior⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Recess has elevated my ability to communicate consistently with my team without any added work. I now get instant feedback from my people automatically.
Dead Simple Builder for Internal Newsletters and Announcements

With our intuitive, easy-to-use editor, composing emails is simple and quick. And thanks to content integrations like RSS, Google Chrome Plug-in, & Pocket, curating professional-looking newsletters has never been easier.

Fill-in-the-Blank Templates To Get you Started

Writing newsletters and Surveys is HARD, which is why we’ve pre-loaded all Recess accounts with 17+ newsletter & survey templates to shake the writers block including:

  • CEO Newsletter
  • Company Update Broadcast
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Manager Performance Survey
  • Job Satisfaction Survey
  • …and more…
Automated Communication, Surveys, & Insights

In a few clicks you can automate any broadcast, survey, check-in, or eNPS to get employee updates straight to your inbox (you can even reply directly without signing in!)

Measure Company, Team, & Individual Employee Engagement

Stats and dashboards make it easy to measure the reach and impact of your communications. At a glance, see who is opening, clicking, and engaging with your messages and discover who is “all in” and who might be “at risk” our outright “disengaged.”

Recess is Perfect For:

CEOs & Founders

Make sure your vision & mission is baked into your company’s DNA

Leaders & Managers

Your team will never miss another message & you’ll know how they’re feeling

HR Professionals

Identify team members that are “All In” and those that are just “Skating By”


Stay informed and give feedback that will actually be heard and can’t be missed 

Works Seamlessly with All Your Favorite Tools

Recess makes it easy to import contacts, aggregate & share content, and get your important messages in front of your employees!

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