Team Communication is Broken

Unlike Slack messages that disappear in seconds and company-wide emails that never get opened, Recess makes it easy to send professionally-formatted internal newsletters and announcements your team will actually read. Try Recess and nail internal comms…
Straight from the horse's mouth
Whether your team is remote or all under the same roof, they still want to know how the company is doing, and they want to hear it from YOU! Start sending regular CEO updates using Recess this week…
Communicate What Matters
Say goodbye to boring PDF newsletters that never get read. With Recess you and your managers can send beautiful company email updates and announcements your team will look forward to reading…
Keep Your Closest Advisors Closer
Don’t let your investors and advisors wonder how things are going. Instead, use Recess to send monthly (or better yet, WEEKLY) investor updates to keep everyone in the loop between board meetings…
How Does Recess Work?
Drag, Drop, and Build Beautiful Email Company Newsletters and Announcements

With our intuitive, easy-to-use editor, composing emails is simple and quick. And thanks to content integrations like RSS and Pocket, curating professional-looking newsletters has never been easier.

Select Your Ideal Audience

Send your message to the entire company, a single team, or a temporary group. With Recess’ Team-Builder and Group Organizer tools, it’s easy to customize your communication flow as your organization scales.

Measure Employee Engagement

Stats and dashboards make it easy to measure the reach and impact of your communications. At a glance, see who is opening, clicking, and engaging with your messages and discover who is “all in” and who might be “at risk” our outright “disengaged.”

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