Communication is best when it's consistent. Automations makes that easy.

Let Recess' Automations Do The Work For Your

With automations, you can create meaningful consistent communication with your team in just a few clicks. 

Start Communicating Better With Recess Today

Regular Communication is Best

Automations make it easy to send out surveys, eNPS®, & Check-ins consistently

Easy to Use Step-by-Step Builder
Regular communication has never been easier

Setting up an automation is a breeze. Just pick what you want to automate and when you want it to go out! Set it up once, and Recess does the rest.


Automate Through Slack
Your messages won't be missed ever again

The hardest part about communication is getting the message in front of someone. All automations are sent to your team’s inbox AND you can ping them via Slack too.

Make your message IMPOSSIBLE to miss! 

Send Surveys, Check-ins, or eNPS®
Managing team engagement is best measured over time

Automate any of our survey templates, your own custom surveys, or the two survey widgets: eNPS® & Check-ins to measure your company’s health over time.

Recess is Your Team Communication, Engagement, and Management SECRET WEAPON

Meaningful communication is TWO-WAY. Use every tool in Recess to communicate better with your team today!

Recess makes it easy for you to create newsletters and announcements for your company. Add in headlines, text, images, quotes, content and more…

When you need to know what’s on your team’s mind, use our survey tool. Get detailed, company specific questions answered…or just find out what they want for lunch 🙂 

Every Recess account comes with the Check-in & eNPS® engagement widget so you can find out which employees are happiest, need some attention, or are just plain in the dark. 

Let Recess do the heavy lifting and engage with your company without you ever having to login again. You can automate newsletters, surveys, eNPS®, and Check-ins.

Writing newsletters and Surveys is HARD, which is why we’ve pre-loaded all Recess accounts with 17+ newsletter & survey templates to shake the writer’s block.

Recess’ proprietary Company Engagement Score will tell you how your company is doing based on engagement, morale, workload, and much more…

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