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Track and measure your company's health and team engagement

Powerful Company Engagement Stats at a Glance

Our Company Engagement Stats will tell you your overall company, team, and  employee health & satisfaction

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Employee health and company engagements stats are best viewed over time. Recess helps YOU identify the teams or employees that need the most attention.

Company Engagement Score
A key indicator of whether it's going to be smooths ailing or rough waters this week

The engagement score is our overall company health metric that looks at factors like:

  • Message Engagement
  • Morale
  • Confidence
  • Workload
  • Help Requests
  • and other key health metrics…


View Data By Company, Team, or Individual
Get a feel or go deep. Recess let's you do both!

Averages are great, but if you want to really improve communication and engagement you need to get to the source: your employees and teams.

See individual, team, or company health scores, Check-in, survey, or eNPS® data to make management easier.

Transparent Communication
Anonymous comments aren't communication, they're grenades.

Recess doesn’t allow for anonymous feedback. The goal is to create meaningful & authentic communication to improve your team’s morale, effectiveness, and overall well being.

Recess is Your Team Communication, Engagement, and Management SECRET WEAPON

Meaningful communication is TWO-WAY. Use every tool in Recess to communicate better with your team today!

Recess makes it easy for you to create newsletters and announcements for your company. Add in headlines, text, images, quotes, content and more…

When you need to know what’s on your team’s mind, use our survey tool. Get detailed, company specific questions answered…or just find out what they want for lunch 🙂 

Every Recess account comes with the Check-in & eNPS® engagement widget so you can find out which employees are happiest, need some attention, or are just plain in the dark. 

Let Recess do the heavy lifting and engage with your company without you ever having to login again. You can automate newsletters, surveys, eNPS®, and Check-ins.

Writing newsletters and Surveys is HARD, which is why we’ve pre-loaded all Recess accounts with 17+ newsletter & survey templates to shake the writer’s block.

Recess’ proprietary Company Engagement Score will tell you how your company is doing based on engagement, morale, workload, and much more…

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