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Homework is the worstest. At Recess, we'll do your homework for you.

Don't go it alone

Our personal guides have the benefit of having seen internal marketing at work in businesses large and small, and will help you customize your program.

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Recess has elevated my ability to communicate consistently with my team without any added work. I now get instant feedback from my people automatically.

Here's what you get:

Tailored launch plan

Know what success looks like, and have most of the internal marketing program set up for you. Create a strategy that your team can rally behind.

Guided team setup

We’ll import your team into groups with all the right people getting all the right updates. Whether it’s Google, Office, Slack, or CSV, we can do the heavy lifting.

Done for you tech setup

Our personal guides work with your IT group to set up anything related to email verification and complicated technical setup.

Internal newsletter migration

We’ll adapt your current internal comms strategy into a beautiful template that can be reused again and again by anyone on your team.

Your program launched

Let your team know what to expect with our tailored rollout announcement and get started with internal marketing faster than you might have imagined.

Optimize your program

Get periodic check-ins to review the effectiveness of your internal marketing campaigns, and get expert suggestions on how to level up.

Here’s how it works:

1. Complete the “no-homework” survey. Based on what we learn, our expert guides will prepare a tailored guided discussion for your kickoff meeting.

2. Kickoff meeting to meet your personal guide, and go over your internal marketing plan, along with setting success criteria and assign next steps.

3. Built for you  – We’ll build your templates and automations in Recess to use again and again and we can start with nothing, or any existing internal updates or newsletters you may already have.

4. Review & Optimize – Our personal guides will provide periodic recommendations to level up your campaigns, and improve overall team engagement, trust, and satisfaction.

Start Communicating Better With Recess Today

More Than Just A Newsletter

The Company Newsletter Builder is where the magic happens. Drag and drop your content, encourage engagement, and make sure no messages are missed ever again…

Drag and Drop Company Newsletter Builder

Create beautiful newsletters in coding required 🙂

With the Newsletter Builder Recess makes it easy to add in your headers, text, and images quickly and easily into our pre-formatted newsletter template. 

Share Content with Google Chrome, Pocket, or RSS
Sharing content has never been easier

Stop saying “I wish my team read that” and share it in your next newsletter. Use our Google Chrome Plugin or connect to your Pocket Account and favorite RSS feeds to share that content you’ve been meaning to pass along. 

Employee Engagement Widgets
Know who is "all-in" and who might be just skating by!

Add the 5 question Check-In or eNPS® to your newsletters to find out how your team feels about the company and where they need some help.

Easy to Use Templates
Never look at a blank page again

Writing newsletters and Surveys is HARD, which is why we’ve pre-loaded all Recess accounts with 17+ newsletter & survey templates to shake the writer’s block.

Detailed Newsletter Insights
Find out who is reading your messages and what they thought about them

Every email has detailed open and click metrics so you can see who read your message and who engaged with it. Add the reaction and mark as read widgets and you can get immediate feedback on each message or make an announcement a required read.

Recess is Your Team Communication, Engagement, and Management SECRET WEAPON

Meaningful communication is TWO-WAY – Use every tool in Recess to communicate better with your team today!

Recess makes it easy for you to create newsletters and announcements for your company. Add in headlines, text, images, quotes, content and more…

When you need to know what’s on your team’s mind, use our survey tool. Get detailed, company specific questions answered…or just find out what they want for lunch 🙂 

Every Recess account comes with the Check-In & eNPS® engagement widget so you can find out which employees are happiest, need some attention, or are just plain in the dark. 

Let Recess do the heavy lifting and engage with your company without you ever having to login again. You can automate newsletters, surveys, eNPS®, and Check-Ins.

Writing newsletters and Surveys is HARD, which is why we’ve pre-loaded all Recess accounts with 17+ newsletter & survey templates to shake the writer’s block.

Recess’ proprietary Company Engagement Score will tell you how your company is doing based on engagement, morale, workload, and much more…

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