Can you transform your team into curious learning machines?

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🤔 Staying curious.

If motivating your team to be amazingly creative problem solvers may sound like a hill too high to climb sometimes, have you considered that there might be artificial limits placed on how people are able to contribute to your organization?

Why is this?

People may just feel like speaking up or sharing their voice is either unwanted, or the reaction would be more painful than the status quo.

Things like this happen slowly.

A stray statement by a leader here. A lack of a comment there.

Despite these interactions being minor in the short term – the sum of the parts can often add up to what amounts to a cage for innovation, and a potential leak for stymied talent.

Here’s the good news. It’s can be fixed.

To unlock the hidden talent in your organization, you must encourage your team to:

  • embrace their curiosity
  • become learning machines
  • share what they learn with the group
You are asking yourself: How do you do this, exactly?

Lead by example.

If you aren’t a curious learner, you’re probably selling yourself short.
Start sharing what you learn with your team. Heres a five part format that works well in practice.

  • Hey team,
  • I found this article that reminded me of a recent issue we tackled.
  • Here is what I took away as a next action after reading it.
  • Does this spark anything for you? If so, please share it back with the team.
  • I’d love your feedback.

Do this every week. Encourage others to share what they are learning too.

Empower your subject matter experts to speak up when they find something new, and give them a forum to do it.

Slowly but surely, things will improve.

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What We’re Reading: 📲 Screenshots Edition

How do you encourage innovation in your organization? Here’s a screenshot from the Recess team swipe file.

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