Does your team celebrate each other?

In this issue, we are going to talk about how team motivation (a prerequisite for great Internal Marketing) can become an important staple in your company culture.

How to Encourage Shoutouts within Your Team

Have you given your team a forum to publicly thank their team members for a job well done?

While we have moved critical updates and important comms to an email first distribution strategy; Slack is still very much a part of our culture. You may use Teams or something else, but you can still swipe our strategy. 👇

In our #general channel, you will find a very eclectic drumbeat of what’s happening in the company. There’s oftentimes too much info flowing through there to capture it all. But it is a great place for a great Shoutout to be born.

Shoutouts like this:

This is an actual screenshot of our Internal Slack. Do you know what spurs on this kind of activity?

Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Someone starts the practice.
  2. That’s all.

You don’t need any kind of fancy program to do this for you.

The one thing you can do today to create a culture that gives each outer Shoutouts is to start.

Here’s how:

Right now, take out a piece of paper, or start a note on your phone; and jot down one or more people who have helped you do your job lately.

Then copy and paste that into #general and see what happens. I think you are likely to start a trend.

We’ll talk more in the future about how to give these shoutouts more exposure across the company for people who miss it in the moment. But you have to have this building block first.


P.S. We have a new 🎚 podcast starting soon about #InternalMarketing. I’ll keep you posted on when it’s launching, but if you want an early look, just hit reply and I’ll give you a sneak peek.

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