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Issue #6: Lessons from Dharmesh Shah

Hey y’all, 

It’s Chris Handy jumping in here with a takeover today for the Recess Water Cooler and it’s time to talk culture.

It might actually be a bit of a Water Heater. Why? This issue is covering some amazing golden nuggets from Dharmesh Shah, one of the co-founders of HubSpot.

Long renowned as a pioneer in modern company culture, Dharmesh just made some updates to the “culture deck” at HubSpot that are just too good not to share.

HubSpot’s Culture Updates

According to Dharmesh, Hubspot’s culture is a product just as (if not more) important as their software. It’s a real product they build for their people.

He outlined the six components a culture needs to have to keep up with the world of today.

  1. An aligned mission – a real mission the entire team can get behind
  2. Remarkable autonomy – the ability to make decisions, even wrong ones sometimes (thats the best way for them to learn).
  3. Brilliant peers – to work with colleagues that they respect, admire, and enjoy.
  4. Flexibility – both in where they work from, and what hours they work.
  5. Transparency– to know what is going on inside the company, and inside the leader’s heads.
  6. Diversity – people want to work on the best teams. The best teams are diverse teams.

How does your culture stack up? Do you have all the components Dharmesh outlined? What is he missing that you have? Reply and let me know. I read every email.

Until next week!

– Chris Handy
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