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The Remote Management Problem

Have you ever caught yourself saying

“That meeting could have been an email…”

“That Slack message could have been an email…”

“That call could have been an email…”

I know I have!

Face it, it’s getting HARDER to communicate with your team. Heck, it’s getting harder to lead teams in this remote world.

Unfortunately, there’s no way I could give you a useful tip in less than two minutes that’s going to fix this problem….

…which is why my friend Chris put together a FREE online training to share how we’ve tackled remote leadership & communication.

^^^ This is Chris

Each Tuesday we’re going LIVE with a 30-minute training dedicated to how YOU can thrive as a remote leader using our favorite Internal Marketing* strategies.

Chris will cover these remote management topics:

  • How to effectively keep your team informed and EXCITED…no matter where they are
  • How to ENABLE their success, without being an overbearing Zoom micro-manager
  • What it takes to ENGAGE your team and provide a better work experience
  • And how to EVALUATE which team member’s are thriving and which one’s need some help

Here are the details:

Every Tuesday!

What Time:
11am Central Time

Livestorm – Click here to register

How Long: 30 Minutes (we know your time is valuable)

If you’re serious about being a better leader and communicator, you’ve got to check this out!

*Internal Marketing?! What’s that???

We all know it’s crucial to engage, measure, and monitor ALL of our marketing efforts in order to move customers through the value journey. IN FACT, we spend TONS of cash each and every year doing this…

What about your employees? They need the SAME THING and y
ou can use external marketing tactics and strategies internally to create better relationships with our teams.

During the webinar Chris will talk through our strategies and tactics to integrate Internal Marketing at your organization. Register now!!!

Free Download:

Your Internal Marketing Starter Pack

Get the worksheet we actually use to get our team hyped and on the same page.

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