Your Internal Marketing Starter Pack

Here's the bundle to kickstart your internal marketing campaigns

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Thanks for joining me in the session. I know I used to struggle with Internal Comms all the time. That's all changed now.
  • You’ll get the worksheet we use inside Recess every day to get our team hyped and on the same page.
  • You’ll get an easy to digest video training session to help you understand how to fill out the worksheet in no time.
  • You’ll get a swipable pack of templates to drop into your email client and save an hour each time.
  • You’ll be sending out robust internal marketing campaigns in five minutes flat to hey your most important customers (your team) understand the WHY and HOW of what you are doing and not just the WHAT.
  • Let’s get you started with Internal Marketing. This pack includes:

    • The Printable Planner
    • Explainer Training Video
    • Templates to copy and paste
    • Even more training

Grab Your Free Download Now!