The Ultimate Guide to 
Internal Marketing

If we've learned anything lately... We need to communicate better.

On this page, we’ll talk about what internal marketing is, why it’s important, and how to start planning your internal marketing strategy today. Bookmark this page so you can refer back to it often.

What is 
Internal Marketing?

Let's get into it, shall we?

You’re probably wondering what’s going on here. In fact, I wasn’t sure what internal marketing was either before I really started to reflect on what the most successful people I have run across in my career have in common.

That’s when I found that there actually has been a common element. Every single one of them has absolutely nailed internal communication. I hadn’t really put a name to this quality until recently.

However it’s clear that it’s not just about communicating once, but about communicating over and over again the value of not only what the company does but what these people did specifically. 

It was about getting people in the organization excited about what was happening all around them. We’ll talk about it in more detail, but I believe that the single biggest unlock for most companies today, is to embrace internal marketing.

So what is it?

Internal Marketing is the practice of exciting your team, enabling their success, engaging their creativity, and evaluating their success.

The best way to talk about what internal marketing may be to start with its opposite. The first question to answer here is actually, “What is external marketing?”.

Well if you spend any length of time in a business class you might remember “The Four P’s of marketing”. The Four P’s are a mainstay in marketing education. It’s all about Product, Price, placement, and promotion.

Turns out that a winning marketing strategy is having a good product, pricing it right, getting in front of the right people, and making sure they understand it. This is not news.

If you want to get the word out about something you have to offer, this is an incredible formula that is tried and true.

The channels will change and technology can of course complicate things, but these core components are what you need to be successful.

What we found is that these principles can be adapted to help you get your own team excited about what you were doing.

They can be adapted quite well actually, and transformed into “The Four E’s of Internal Marketing”

It just really take some adaptation. Your product in this case isn’t really “your product”. No, your product in this case is the message you hope to convey to your team.

The message could be the mere fact that you have a product launch coming up, and all the details that they’ll need to know to be successful in selling it.

You can see that these ideas are adjacent. It’s not that we’re trying to sell things to our employees, it’s that we are trying to market the ideas we need them to understand.

If it’s absolutely essential that everyone on the team be using the same language to describe the product. You’ll find that this is an effort that never ends, it’s a drum that you need to beat over and over again.

There is no shortcut. Just like external marketing, frequency is key.

Internal Marketing Software for Smart Leaders

Your managers have a lot on their plate.

Recess is Your SECRET WEAPON to help your leaders rescue their time.

Nobody said leading people was going to be easy.

That’s why we’ve built an internal marketing stack for you to deploy with your management team today. 

In less than five minutes, your leaders can set up a recurring check-in survey that will go out once a week and assess where their teams might be blocked, and what they can do to help.

Then, keep everyone up to date with company announcements, eNPS®, internal surveys, and even team engagement analytics.

Meaningful communication is TWO-WAY. Use the suite of internal marketing tools in Recess to communicate better with your team today!

Drag & Drop Newsletter Builder

Recess makes it easy for you to create newsletters and announcements for your company. Add in headlines, text, images, quotes, content and more…

One-Click Internal Survey Builder

When you need to know what’s on your team’s mind, use our survey tool. Get detailed, company specific questions answered…or just find out what they want for lunch 🙂 

Newsletter & Survey Templates

Writing newsletters and Surveys is HARD, which is why we’ve pre-loaded all Recess accounts with 17+ newsletter & survey templates to shake the writer’s block.

Onboarding Automations

Let Recess do the heavy lifting and engage with your company without you ever having to login again. You can automate newsletters, surveys, eNPS®, and Check-ins.

Automatic Team Engagement Tools

Every Recess account comes with the Check-in & eNPS® engagement widget so you can find out which employees are happiest, need some attention, or are just plain in the dark. 

Company Engagement Stats & Analytics

Recess’ proprietary Company Engagement Score will tell you how your company is doing based on engagement, morale, workload, and much more…

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