What happened to the accidental culture?

Did you know that today was Erik’s birthday? Well, now you do!

You might not know Erik, but he’s helped build a lot of Recess over the last year. He’s a member of our team, and generally a swell guy.

We had some fun with him in our work chat. I shared a song with him. There were even a few GIFs.

Good times. It was actually kind of better than being there in person.

It got me thinking. There aren’t that many seemingly small, but important culture things like that – that actually carry over in practice to the digital workplace. And some of them can be way better!

What else are we missing? How can we make the digital workplace a more inclusive and connected place to be?

It’s the small talk and accidental conversations in the elevator that help build real relationships at work.

As a leader, it’s your job to help your team do their job, but also to help foster a community that people really enjoy being a part of.

This week, I challenge you to find a way to start to identify ways to create an accidental culture in your digital workplace.

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