Remote Team Motivation: Friday Cheers

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As someone who manages a remote team you know one of the biggest challenges is keeping your team connected & motivated.

Keeping people connected and motivated was already a pretty tough task when you had the benefit of working face-to-face with your team.

Now there are even more distractions for your remote team and it’s not getting easier any time soon.

Team motivation isn’t a luxury anymore, you have to make sure your employees know what’s going on and need to make sure their work is being celebrated!

Adding this one 30-minute meeting to your week will do all of this PLUS have the added benefit of fostering a stronger community that makes it feel like you’re back in the office.

Since going remote, Our internal creative agency implemented a new weekly virtual meeting and got OVERWHELMING positive feedback…but this comment really stood out:

I know what you’re thinking: That won’t work!  How could a VIRTUAL meeting be both enjoyable AND make people feel more informed and connected?

It absolutely DOES work and it’s super easy, low effort, and doesn’t take up too much time.

The Meeting:
Friday Cheers

What It Is:
A standing 30-minute meeting at the end of each week (optional but encouraged).

How it Helps:
Ends the week on a high-note, fosters communication, & creates bonding over shared wins.

How to Run it:

1. Make sure team members bring at least one “Show-and-tell” AND one “Shout-out” to the meeting.

2. Start with the person who ended the previous weeks meeting

3. Ask for volunteers or as the lead, pick someone to go next

4. Watch the clock, keep it within the timeframe (or if you do it at the end of the day, let the team ‘hang out’ and close out the week)

5. Rinse & repeat weekly

I know the last thing you want is to add another meeting but this one is a must have for any company who wants a remote team that’s motivated, informed, and connected.

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